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Chamomile and Whiskey came about like all good, simple things--by making two things into one.  In the case of this group, Marie Borgman and Koda Kerl--native musicians of Nelson County, Virginia--combined chamomile tea with Evan Williams whiskey one evening.  They decided that what they had made tasted like their sound.

     Although the group has evolved since forming in 2011, it, like the subtle mixture of herbal tea and whiskey, has matured and found its own sly, subtle voice.  If a band has feet, then Chamomile and Whiskey has both on them firmly on the ground.  But if a band is a living thing like a plant--which the best bands are--Chamomile and Whiskey has grown from roots set deep in Americana,  blues, Celtic, old-time and the singer-songwriter tradition of the south.  

     The group has developed a more electric sound with Drew Kimball on guitar and enhanced the foundational fiddle and guitar sound with drummer Stuart Gunter. Their last studio album was recorded in 2019 in Nashville by Ken Coomer of Wilco and Uncle Tupelo. It sounds like music that is lived in and lived through.  Their sound tastes like Chamomile and Whiskey.--

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"Overlaid in the current context of 2020, Chamomile and Whiskey delivers a careful balance between grim social commentary and uplifting old-time nostalgia. “Triumph” encapsulates the band’s intoxicating energy, breathing freedom into lonely, confined hearts." - American Songwriter

"Chamomile and Whiskey serves upbeat footstompers, vivid storytelling, and beautiful harmonies on Red Clay Heart."  - Glide Magazine


"With its infectious sing-along course, “Best Of The Worst,” is a mellow anthem in which, as the listener, one could interpret as taking a glass is half-full approach to you and your crew taking pride in being at the near bottom of the moonshine soaked barrel in a sea of aged wine." - Folk N Rock


"Sort of an outlaw-holler still-desperate-for-redemption kind of tune — an emotional white-knuckler that could atmosphere you out if it were on a soundtrack, or even just played loud in your car." - Cowboys and Indians


"RED CLAY HEART delivers nine well-constructed songs, written from the heart and featuring lyrics that capture the moment perfectly." - Lonesome Highway (Ireland)

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Photos by Rich Tarbell
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